Paediatric dentistry

Paediatric dentistry means services for the youngest patients.

CHARME CLINIQUE is a friendly place for all patients, including the youngest ones. We strive for the best care for every patient . We are aware of the importance of the first visits of a child at the surgery and their enormous impact on the future. Therefore, we make every effort to treat children in a stress-free manner.

Special protection of deciduous teeth

Deciduous or “milk” teeth help children to chew food and develop proper speech. They also affect the appearance of a child’s mouth. Their role is to reserve space for permanent teeth. If milk teeth are lost prematurely, e.g. due to caries, a permanent tooth may develop in the wrong place, which may, in consequence, lead to dental crowding.

Parents are responsible for the health of a child’s oral cavity

A child’s teeth must be checked regularly. The first meeting of a young patient with a dentist is a big event and may have serious consequences for the child’s later attitude to dental treatment. If the visit takes place only when the child feels pain, it is highly probable that they will develop bad associations with a dentist and a dentist’s surgery. Children are very sensitive patients, vividly reacting to any stimuli. Therefore, it is particularly important that parents or guardians develop in their children a positive attitude to visits to the dentist’s and caring for teeth from the very beginning.

First visit to the dentist’s

The best time for a first visit to the dentist’s is when the first deciduous teeth appear. This usually happens very early.
It is recommended that parents ask about the course of the visit before they actually arrive at the dentist’s. A perfect method to encourage a child to visit a dentist is the so called adaptation visit. During such a visit the child will get to know the dentist and the surgery equipment. It would be good if the child could possibly learn about the equipment on its own.

How to care for a child’s teeth in order to prevent caries?

According to scientists, decay prevention should be based on the local application of fluoridated preparations onto the tooth’s surface. They are available in the form of toothpaste, mouthwash, gel or varnish. Therefore, fluoridated toothpastes must be used in the daily care of the child’s oral cavity. This is a proven method of caries prevention. The proper use of such toothpastes is safe and highly effective.
Fluoride drops or tablets available on prescription should be prescribed by a dentist only on the basis of a detailed analysis of dental indications. It happens that their application in children under 8 increases the risk of enamel development disturbance (enamel fluorosis).

What is early caries?

Early childhood caries may appear in children at a very early stage of their lives (cavities that are well visible or detected by a dentist). At the beginning, pathological lesions look like chalky white spots. After further discolouration they turn a yellowish brown, in order to develop into cavities.

Dear parents, care for the beautiful smile of your children – take them to the dentist’s in time!


  • Caries is a communicable disease! Do not lick the dummy or the spoon you feed your child with, as you may pass the caries bacteria to your child.
  • Use adequate fluoridated toothpaste (adjusted to the child's age).
  • Limit foods which contain sugar in your child’s diet (sweets, sweetened juices) – propose fruit or vegetables to the child instead.
  • Only a dentist may confirm caries. If in doubt as to the state of your child’s teeth, call the doctor: do not wait for the pain to appear!

At CHARME CLINIQUE we offer the following to the youngest patients:

  • Adaptation visits
  • Deciduous teeth treatment
  • Caries prevention – fluoride varnish application
  • Pit and fissure sealing
  • Malocclusion treatment

If necessary, we may apply local or general anaesthesia, particularly to children who get really stressed by a visit to the dentist’s, to spare them unnecessary distress.

The loving and delicate care of the CHARME CLINIQUE’s team, combined with modern methods of treatment, allows your children to avoid discomfort during dental procedures . Dental appointments are necessary at any age. Therefore, a positive attitude to treatment is already so important at a very young age . This usually depends on the first visits to the dentist’s surgery. CHARME CLINIQUE makes every effort to make the visits as stress-free as possible !