Dental prosthetics

Prosthetics is a dental speciality dealing with the reconstruction of missing or damaged teeth, correcting their natural shape and face appearance. Prosthetic treatment consists of normal occlusion restoration after the loss of natural teeth. Prosthetics is associated not only with aesthetics but also the recreation of masticatory functioning and the prevention of irregularities in the functioning of jaw joints.

CHARME CLINIQUE offers all possible prosthetic solutions based on state-of-the-art technology and modern dentistry trends. In planning treatment we are always guided by medical indications, trying also to fulfil the patient’s expectations.


It is absolutely essential to replace missing teeth. The omission of prosthetic treatment may result in unfavourable consequences for the whole masticatory system. Gaps in dentine may lead to moving or dislocation of the adjacent teeth (falling out, movement or rotation) and jaw osteoporosis. All of this may cause further teeth loss and the origination of many occlusal irregularities.

Depending on the therapeutic and aesthetic needs of the patients, modern prosthetics offers various types of missing teeth restorations:

  • Fixed prostheses – permanently fixed on implants, crown-root inlays or natural teeth (crowns, bridges, veneers);
  • Removable prostheses – attached with the use of bolts, clasps, locks or telescopic crowns. These are very important for function and aesthetics;
  • Combined fixed-removable prostheses – a combination of removable prostheses with fixed restorations.

An important element in prosthetic procedures nowadays is the use of tooth implants. The introduction of implants has revolutionised today’s prosthetics, making way for completely new therapeutic solutions. With the use of implants we are able to produce many different types of prostheses (individual teeth, groups of teeth, complete dental prostheses).

When proposing implant placement and prosthetic treatment at CHARME CLINIQUE we are always guided by dental indications and anatomical and morphological bone characteristics, taking into account the patient’s expectations.

Prosthetic treatment is usually the last stage of dental treatment.

After confirmation of diagnosis, the patient undergoes professional hygienic and prophylactic procedures, and – if necessary – also periodontal, surgical, restorative and orthodontic treatment.

We work only with renowned prosthetic laboratories. All of the modern technologies and prosthetic and other speciality materials applied by us are certified and attested in accordance with EU standards.