Dental prophylaxis

Dental prophylaxis covers any activity aimed at preventing dental and periodontal diseases. The main objective of prophylaxis is to fight plaque and other deposits – the main reasons for caries and periodontal diseases.

Daily oral hygiene is essential and absolutely necessary for maintaining oral cavity health.

At CHARME CLINIQUE dental hygiene department we provide you with:

  • Instructions on oral hygiene – detailed tips on how to care for the oral cavity.
  • Tooth tartar and deposit removal – removal of plaque and other deposits from the surface of teeth, which cannot be removed at home. Depending on the type of deposit, various cleaning methods are used:
    • Scaling – removal of hard deposits (tartar) from the surface of tooth crowns with the use of ultrasonic instruments. Scaled teeth are polished in order to prevent plaque renewal and make the teeth nicely smooth;
    • Sandblasting – removal of soft deposits and unsightly tea, coffee or cigarette stains with the use of sandblasting machines; teeth are cleaned with a stream of powder and water under pressure;
  • Fissure sealing – a perfect method for tooth decay prevention: easy, painless and effective. It consists in filling fissures and pits in deciduous and permanent teeth with a special protective varnish;
  • Fluoride application – this means varnishing teeth with flouridated preparations, which is the most effective method of preventing decay in smooth, contact and cervical areas of teeth;
  • Ozone treatment – an effective procedure to remove bacteria, viruses and fungi with the use of ozone generating equipment. It is painless and short-lasting, without any complications. The procedure is very helpful in treating herpes, aphthae, gingivitis and stomatitis.