Paediatric and adult orthodontics

Orthodontics is one of the fastest developing specialities in dentistry. It deals with dentition development control, malocclusion prevention and treatment, as well as the correction of irregularities in the location and alignment of teeth.

Orthodontic treatment is more and more popular among those who wish to improve the aesthetics of their dentition in the most natural manner. Thanks to orthodontics we improve not only our appearance but also eliminate points of excessive plaque depositing, prevent caries, limit excessive teeth abrasion, remove excessive load and prevent periodontium damage. What is more, proper treatment helps speech correction and improves masticatory organ function. Orthodontics is a starting point for implant placement, prosthetic treatment and the supplementation of periodontal treatment.

Orthodontic treatment is possible at any age

Willing to ensure the highest quality of service, we at CHARME CLINIQUE draw on the many years’ experience of our team, at the same time applying the most advanced scientific solutions. We prepare individual treatment for every patient.

Treatment usually takes place with the use of various orthodontic appliances, including fixed and removable ones, intended for correcting teeth misplacement and misalignment. The appliances exert delicate pressure on teeth and jaw bones. The efficacy of orthodontic methods depends on the intensity of the defects.

Depending on the treatment and aesthetic needs of the patient, modern orthodontics offers various orthodontic appliances:

  • Removable appliances – are inserted into the mouth and removed independently by the patient. They are most often used in improper bite correction in children at developmental age, during the period of dentine replacement.
  • Fixed appliances – are systems consisting of various types of braces (brackets and wires) fixed onto the surface of teeth with the use of special adhesives. They may be applied to children and adults.
  • Metal bracket appliances
  • Aesthetic (ceramic or crystal) bracket appliances
  • Damon appliance – allows the treatment time to be shortened thanks to the application of low-friction braces. The use of ligature-free brackets provides better comfort to the patient and a higher aesthetic value. The special sliding-door mechanism holding the brackets in the Damon appliance limits the necessity of teeth extraction (the appliance is available in two versions: metal and aesthetic – Damon Clear).
  • Insignia appliance consists of individually designed and customised brackets with the use of digital planning and treatment. With the use of computer technology, the patient may be presented with the final effect of malocclusion correction before the treatment has begun. The method allows the time of treatment to be significantly shortened and limits the number of control visits, which minimises the patient’s discomfort related to orthodontic treatment.

Orthodontic treatment is a multi-stage procedure, including:

  1. Orthodontic consultation,
  2. Presentation and arrangement with the patient of the orthodontic treatment plan on the basis of a study model and cephalometric radiograph,
  3. Proper orthodontic treatment,
  4. Control visits,
  5. Stabilisation phase.