Dental surgery

  • Teeth extraction
  • Surgical extraction of retained teeth
  • Removal of inflammatory lesions – granulomas or cysts
  • Apicectomy
  • Radectomy and hemisection (removal of individual roots or parts of teeth)
  • Surgical care of post-injury displaced teeth
  • Surgical treatment before prosthetics – removal of fibrous folds, exostoses, buccal vestibule deepening
  • Lip and tongue frenula corrections
  • Treatment of tooth deriving maxillary sinusitis
  • Treatment before implant placing – maxillary sinus floor augmentation procedure, bone recreation

Surgical treatment is provided based on the latest scientific research, including advanced bone regeneration methods with the use of organic and inorganic biomaterials. The tools and devices of leading manufacturers are used, such as the newest generation piezosurgery unit by Mectron, ensuring:

  • minimally invasive bone tissue cutting,
  • bleeding limitation,
  • limitation of the risk of vessel and nerve damage,
  • high precision and foreseeable procedure effect.

All surgical procedures are performed in a professionally organised and equipped surgery, with a separate power supply and a specialised ventilation system. Patient safety is ensured by multi-level tool sterilisation control and professional antiseptic activity with regard to equipment and rooms.

In special cases, in accordance with up-to-date medical knowledge and indications, procedures may be performed under general anaesthesia. The surgery fulfils all of the requirements for general anaesthesia procedures. After the procedures, patients may rest in our post-surgery room.