Dental surgery and implant placement

Dental implant placement is the most advanced method of supplementing missing teeth. It is a chance for a beautiful and natural smile, mainly by restoration of the masticatory function. Teeth reconstructed on an implant are close to an ideal imitation of natural dentine, both as regards aesthetics and function.

Implants have revolutionised modern dentistry, making way for completely new therapeutic solutions.

CHARME CLINIQUE offers all possible implant solutions based mainly on the Nobel Biocare systems, combining state-of-the-art technology and scientific research. In treatment planning, we always follow medical indications, trying to fulfil patients’ expectations.

What is an implant?

Dental implants are small, usually titanium screws surgically driven into the jaw bones. Their purpose is to replace the root of the missing tooth and create framework for prosthetic restoration (crowns or ceramic bridges). After being placed in the bone, the implant’s titanium surface becomes fully integrated with the bone’s vital tissue.

Dental implants have been used by dentists for over forty years as an effective and reliable method of replacing missing teeth – a much better one than any other methods of recreating dentition.

Implant treatment stages:

  • Diagnostics and treatment planning – concentrate on gathering information about general diseases that may influence the planned implant treatment, recognising the reason for tooth loss, discovering the patient’s hygienic habits, as well as their needs and expectations. At this stage radiology is used (e.g. radiographic, pantographic or tomographic imaging) to assess the quantity and condition of the bone which is to become the implant substrate, the condition of the adjacent teeth, as well as the size and location of anatomical structures that may hinder the procedure.
  • Surgical procedure – implantation of the screw in the proper place in the jaw bone. The procedure is most often performed under local anaesthesia. If the situation requires it, the procedure may also be performed under general anaesthesia.
  • Prosthetic stage – after the implant has become fully integrated with the bone (which takes from 3 to 6 months) the final prosthetic procedure is followed, which means that restorations are made on the implants (crowns, bridges, prostheses).

Implant treatment advantages:

  • An implant functions identically as the root of a natural tooth.
  • Implants are made of biocompatible materials, i.e. ones that are very well tolerated by the human body and that do not result in allergic reactions.
  • An implant may serve for life.
  • Implant placing is a minimally invasive procedure – there is no need to grind adjacent healthy teeth, which is required by the traditional crown or bridge placing procedures.
  • Implants enable the preservation of adequate bone density and minimise the possibility of its loss.

Proposing implant treatment at CHARME CLINIQUE we are always guided by dental indications and anatomical and morphological bone characteristics, taking into account the patient’s expectations.