About the clinic

CHARME CLINIQUE is one of the most modern dental clinics in Europe. The patients’ needs are cared for by an interdisciplinary team of specialists who are passionately fond of their work and care about professionalism. Applying their knowledge in the individual treatment of every patient, they provide comfortable care at the highest possible level. The team makes every effort to ensure that the quality of the provided services meets the world's highest standards, in accordance with dental indications and up-to-date scientific findings.

CHARME CLINIQUE is an exceptional place. The owners care that each patient feels comfortable and safe here. The cosy Provençal-style interior ensures relaxation and tranquillity after sometimes difficult procedures. Professional care and a unique atmosphere mean that an appointment at CHARME CLINIQUE is much more than simply a visit to the dentist’s.


Comprehensive service
Modern, world standard equipment and a team of highly qualified specialists representing all the fields of dentistry ensure comprehensive solutions for oral cavity diseases in children and adults. An individual approach to every patient and care for the patients’ needs and expectations guarantee the most appropriate treatment procedure.

Modern equipment
The clinic uses state-of-the-art technologies, as well as medical and diagnostic equipment at a world-class level.

Digital radiology:

- intraoral radiographic images enable single tooth diagnoses,
- pantomographic images present the current condition of all teeth, which is very helpful at the treatment planning stage,
- tomographic images are necessary in implant procedures, solving diagnostic uncertainties in dental surgery and in other areas.

Endodontic procedures with the use of a microscope, endometer, X-ray apparatus and professional devices for root canal preparation and filling ensure reliable and durable treatment results.

In the surgery furnished with a surgical and implant placement unit, as well as modern ultrasonic equipment for bone surgery, it is possible to conduct general anaesthesia procedures with the use of our own technical facilities.

Dental units are furnished with intraoral cameras , which are very useful tools in planning and arranging treatment with the patient. They are ergonomic and equipped with systems ensuring perfect hygiene.

Care for patient safety
The patient choosing CHARME CLINIQUE may be sure of professional and safe care provided by the clinic’s staff.

The equipment used by the dentists and hygienists fulfils all safety requirements: mechanical, electrical and hygienic.

Special attention is paid to antiseptic procedures. Tools are prepared in a professionally organised and well-equipped sterilisation department, where detailed, multi-level efficiency control is performed.

In addition, the surgery room has been specially prepared and equipped, including an emergency power supply and dedicated electric circuitry to ensure the safety of procedures.

Our passion, knowledge and extensive experience combined with modern technology at a world-class level guarantee professional treatment at Charme Clinique.